6.14.14 - Jimmy Rollins set the Phillies all time hits record, surpassing Mike Schmidt, in today’s win over the Cubs. His record breaking 2,235th hit came in the 5th inning with a single to right field. Mike Schmidt came out to congratulate Jimmy after the hit followed by all of his teammates. Congrats Jimmy, this is a well deserved milestone!

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4.27.14 - Phillies 2, Diamondbacks 0

aj burnettchase utleyryan howardmarlon byrdjimmy rollinsjonathan papelbonphillies

4.26.14 - Phillies 6, Diamondbacks 5

carlos ruizjonathan papelboncliff leejimmy rollinschase utleyphillies

4.21.14 - Phillies 7, Dodgers 0

cliff leecarlos ruizryan howardjimmy rollinschase utleyphillies

04.17.14 - Phillies 1, Braves 0

aj burnettjimmy rollinsdomonic brownantonio bastardojonathan papelbonben reverephillies

04.12.14 - Phillies 5, Marlins 4

chase utleyjonathan pettibonejimmy rollinslarry bowaphillies

4.11.14 - Phillies 6, Marlins 3

jonathan papelboncarlos ruizaj burnettchase utleymarlon byrdjimmy rollins

3.31.14 - Phillies 14, Rangers 10

jimmy rollinsjonathan papelboncliff leejake diekmancody aschemarlon byrdphillies

3.31.14 - Jimmy Rollins hits his 200th career home run, a grand slam against the Texas Rangers. Congrats Jimmy!

jimmy rollinsphilliesbaseball

08/12/13 - Phillies 5, Braves 1

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This is to the Philadelphia fan. To laud your passion as best I can. Your loyalty is unsurpassed. Be the Fightins in first or last. We come to the park each day, looking forward to another fray. Because we know you’ll be there, we know you really care. You give the opposing pitcher fits because as one loyalist shouts, everybody hits. To be sure in Philly, there might be some boos. Because you passionate fans, like the manager, hate to lose. Your reaction to the action on the field that you impart, spurs us as broadcasters to call the game with enthusiasm and heart. We feel your passion through and through. Philadelphia fans, I love you.

-Harry Kalas