Anonymous: What do you think the best phillies teams are? Like what years?

Well definitely the end of 2007ish - 2011 with 2011 being the best team out of those years. Yeah, yeah the 2008 one won the WS but I think if you put the 2008 team up against the 2011 team, the 2011 team would easily win. They were so good, it’s a shame the offense (and Cliff gave up that lead boo) died in the post season.

The 76 and 77 teams were really awesome too. Won over 100 games, Schmidt, Maddox, and Luzinski killed it plus some excellent pitching led by Steve Carlton.

Early 80’s, especially 1980 with that first WS title.

Not only were they good but they were a crazy team, the ‘93 team. The team I remember from my childhood. We can just forget how bad they got after that lol.

And you can’t forget the 1950 team, the Whiz kids. Lots of fun history there.

My personal favorite teams are the 2011 and 1993 teams. Really wish I could have witnessed the late 70’s, early 80’s teams but I have my parents to tell me all about them. 

Anonymous: Thank you for answering and sharing your thoughts. I thought he should go/would go after this season, but him getting the boot now makes me feel sad for him. Hopefully it was just a bad coincidence, but it stinks that he was supposed to celebrate his 1000th win tonight.

Honestly I think the decision to let him go was made awhile ago and they waited for him to get that 1,000th win. 

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Anonymous: What do you think of Charlie Manuel no longer being manager?

Personally I thought it was time for a change. Charlie definitely had a good run here and I am grateful for the great years we had with him. However these past two years revealed A LOT of flaws with him and the players RAJ were getting, Charlie was just too unsuccessful managing them. I love Charlie to death and he is a wonderful person but he’s not the best manager for the Phillies going forward.

I don’t like that they fired him now. I would have been completely fine with it if they just let him finish out the season. BUT I do understand why they did it. These last 40 some games are pretty much going to be a working interview for Sandberg and will give the organization an idea of what to do next season. It just sucks to see it happen like this. Charlie loves baseball and loves this team more than anything so it was really hard to see him go. I wish him all the best and hope that maybe he takes a job within the organization but I do see him trying to find another managerial job.

Now if only RAJ could have somehow fired himself…

Anonymous: The Phils did absolutely nothing? Seems like par for the course for the whole season.

Yeah I guess. I dunno what RAJ is doing. I was kind of hoping he would shake things up a bit but I guess he’s waiting for the off season? Or he’ll do something during the second half.

Anonymous: where do you get your information from? i haven't seen anything about lannan. love your blog though, you always have the best information so soon after the news breaks :)

Beat writers on twitter. I usually don’t report anything until Todd Zolecki does because he’s pretty much the only beat writer I trust. Follow him

Anonymous: im pretty sure a-rod's contract is one where he has to approve where the yankees want to trade him. and yes he wants to stay in new york, but all they have to say is he won't be a starter and he's outta there :)

Yes he has to give permission to be traded. I don’t know the Yankees and how they operate but I can’t see them not giving him a chance to redeem himself in 2013 especially with that humungous contract. But anyway I’m done talking about him because the best option for us for 3rd base seems to be Youkilis right now.

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Anonymous: Thoughts on A-Rod possibly coming to the Phils?

Okay so I meant to answer this when it was sent but completely forgot to. I seriously doubt he’s coming to the Phils. I don’t think RAJ is that dumb to overpay for a player like him.

Anonymous: where did u see the rumors about Cabrera, Arod, and Lincecum? they can't possibly afford any of them!

Beat writers mostly. does a good job of updating on the rumors so you can follow it there. But like I said, they are just rumors. Doesn’t mean anything will happen or the Phillies are even legitimately looking at them.

Anonymous: omg the phillies with resign carlos right???

His deal includes a club option for 2013 and honestly they would be stupid not to pick up his option. I don’t think we have anything to worry about with Ruiz. He won’t be going anywhere for the time being.

Anonymous: Is there any way at all we could make it into the playoffs?

Didn’t I answer this a few weeks ago? 

But yes, there is always a chance to make it if you aren’t mathematically eliminated yet. We’re 6 games back in the WC but we still have three teams ahead of us (as of tonight we’re tied with Milwaukee). There’s what? 22 or so games left. We would realistically have to win about 16 to 18 of the remaining games and those 4 teams would have to keep losing. Sure it’s doable and baseball is known to have the impossible happen. 

Basically it’s a long shot but I wouldn’t lose any faith. This team has been playing extremely well lately. We just need those teams ahead of us to start dropping.


This is to the Philadelphia fan. To laud your passion as best I can. Your loyalty is unsurpassed. Be the Fightins in first or last. We come to the park each day, looking forward to another fray. Because we know you’ll be there, we know you really care. You give the opposing pitcher fits because as one loyalist shouts, everybody hits. To be sure in Philly, there might be some boos. Because you passionate fans, like the manager, hate to lose. Your reaction to the action on the field that you impart, spurs us as broadcasters to call the game with enthusiasm and heart. We feel your passion through and through. Philadelphia fans, I love you.

-Harry Kalas